Friends and Family Test

We want your feedback!

Would you recommend our services to Friends and Family?

Use our Friends and Family Test (FFT) to tell us what you think of your care and treatment. The Test asks you if you would recommend our services to your friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment. Your answer will help us to understand our patients’ needs and to improve our services.

How does it work?

 You will be offered a Friends and Family Test questionnaire asking:

How likely are you to recommend our service to your friends and family if they need similar care or treatment?”

You can answer the question by choosing one of six options ranging from “extremely likely” to “extremely unlikely”.

You will also have the opportunity to explain why you have given your answer. You can choose to answer the questions before you go home and hand it in to any of our staff or, if you prefer, you can post your answers to us. You can also complete the test online.

Your answers are completely anonymous and will not be traced back to you. If you are unable to complete the questionnaire you can ask a friend, family member or carer to do it for you.