Carers' Survey 2019

During spring 2019 we carried out our annual Carers’ Survey. We spoke to carers of people with mental health issues, dementia and autism.

73 surveys were completed, six carers’ groups were attended (with 60 carers in attendance) and we received 287 different comments.

Our findings:

  1. Many carers report positive experiences with services.
  2. The Carers’ Support Service is highly valued by carers.
  3. A carers’ primary concern is the care of the person they are looking after.
  4. Carers need informed responsibility, particularly around discharge and crisis.
  5. Carers are not always asked: “How are you?”

Our recommendations 2019:

  1. The Trust should continue to support the Triangle of Care work.
  2. The Triangle of Care should be rolled out across the Alliance.
  3. The Trust should raise awareness of Carers’ Support Services.
  4. Services should improve the information that we give carers when their loved ones are discharged.
  5. All services going through redesign specifically consider the impact that provision will have on carers.
  6. The Trust should raise awareness of carers’ needs through promotional material and the Triangle of Care work plan.
  7. The alliance should complete the survey again in 2020.

Download the full survey here

For more information

For more information about this survey please email Lucy Nicholls and Jenny Langdon, Patient and Public Involvement Team, on