A successful research seminar

Date: 29 April 2016

"Research should be part and parcel of how we go about our day to day business.”

Last month, delegates at the Trust’s 13th Research Seminar Bridgwater took a few hours out of their day to hear about the benefit s of research and were surprised to discover how much research Somerset Partnership is involved with.

The new Trust Chief Executive, Dr Nick Broughton (pictured above at the seminar), was the key note speaker and spoke about the universal benefits of clinical research. He was keen to remind the seminar that research informs and helps improve the quality and effectiveness of care for patients and service users. As a research active organisation we can better recruit high calibre staff and by providing great opportunities for professional development, retain valued staff. Research can also provide a source of extra income which can be re-invested in patient care and services.

Somerset Partnership carries out or supports a range of research from stroke and hydration at end of life to treatment for mental health crises and how best to involve a patient in their care.

For more information please email ask@sompar.nhs.uk.