Have your say about our priorities for 2018-19

Date: 12 January 2018

Our Quality Priorities for 2018-19

Each year we focus on a number of key issues where we think improved quality would make the most difference to our patients.  These are our Quality Account Priorities.

A Quality Account is a report about the quality of services provided to NHS patients. The reports are published every year.

We have put together a list of the key issues as our priorities for the next reporting year (2018-19) and we would welcome your feedback on these.  The list has considered national programmes, patient and carer feedback, patient surveys and other sources of information. 

Our long list of priorities for 2018-19:

  1. Mental health of young people (early help and support)
  2. Patient experience and involvement
  3. Patient safety incidents (reducing and preventing any unintended or unexpected event that could have or did lead to harm for one or more patients)
  4. Reducing incidents of venous thromboembolism (a blood clot that develops in a vein, for example, deep vein thrombosis. Patients in hospital can be at a higher risk of developing this).
  5. Reducing pressure ulcers (sometimes called ‘bed sores’)
  6. Suicide prevention (reducing the numbers of patients who take their own lives when in our care)
  7. Capacity and consent (checking that patients’ understand and can consent to the treatment they are receiving, and that the right things are done when patients are not able to consent)
  8. Reducing restraint (a restricting action for some patients who may be a risk to themselves or others, usually in mental health wards)
  9. Personalised care planning (making sure patients have care plans that are personal to them)
  10. Learning from deaths (making surethat when patients do die in our care that we involve their families and learn what we could do better)
  11. Holistic care: Physical health in mental health settings / mental health in physical health settings (making sure we consider and look after the physical and mental health of all our patients)
  12. Delayed transfers of care (when patients are fit to be discharged from hospital, but do not have care in place for when they leave)
  13. The need for effective patient communication and education in plain English
  14. Carers’ support – for both mental health and physical health
  15. Using education around prevention and early intervention – for both mental health and physical health
  16. The greater use of the voluntary sector as part of community services (and how we resource this)
  17. Improving record keeping (for patient records)
  18. Improving observations in mental health care

Which are most  important to you and your family?

What do you think?  Let us know your views by calling PALS on 01278 432022 or emailing myvoice@sompar.nhs.uk

Please note: we need your views before 1 February 2018 – thank you!