Statement on the independent care and treatment review of Mr AS

Date: 28 November 2018

Statement on the independent care and treatment review of Mr AS

NHS England has today published an independent report into the care and treatment of a patient, referred to in this report as Mr AS.

The independent report makes five key recommendations that Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust must complete.

Peter Lewis, chief executive of Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, said:

“On behalf of the NHS in Somerset I would like to again offer my sincere condolences to the family of Mr AS.

“There are many lessons that we must learn from this tragic case and we have made a commitment to follow all recommendations set out in the independent care and treatment review.

“As part of our clinical risk training we will make sure all healthcare professionals consider all the implications on a patient as part of a broader assessment of their mental health and wellbeing. We will make sure patients’ families and carers are fully involved in care plans from an early stage.

“We will also improve the way we review patients who are transferred into our services from elsewhere in the country, including tighter medication checks.”

The action plan for Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is published here.

The assurance report is published here: