Carers' Service

Information for Carers

The Carers’ Services Team support unpaid carers and family members to ensure that they feel valued and supported, helping them to begin to take control of their lives.

Who we are

The Carers’ Services Team comprises of a team manager, a team of nine Carers’ Assessment Workers, a team administrator and a Carers’ Employment Support Officer.

What we do

We provide a comprehensive range of services for carers which include:

  • carers’ assessments
  • emotional support
  • practical advice
  • carers’ employment support
  • carers’ support groups
  • carers’ website
  • carers’ newsletter
  • carers’ information
  • carers’ participation group
  • information and advice about carers’ breaks
  • carer’s events

How we work

The team assess the needs of carers and provide them with information, advice and support. The Carers’ Assessment includes emotional support, carers’ breaks, dealing with practical issues and life style choices.

How you can access these services

Carers can be referred or self refer for a Carers’ Assessment providing the person that they support is registered with Somerset Partnership mental health services.

Waiting times

Carers will be offered an appointment within 4 weeks from accepting a referral or self referral.

Where you can access these services

The Carers’ Services Team are based within Community Mental Health Teams across Somerset. The Carers’ Services Team can be contacted by telephone or email.


Contact the team in your area or  email

Carers’ Assessment Worker for Adults

Mendip Tel: 01749836597
Taunton: Tel: 01823 368396
South Somerset: Tel: 01935 428420
Somerset Coast: Tel: 01278 720238

Older Persons Carers’ Assessment Workers

Mendip & South Somerset: Tel: 01749 836736
Somerset Coast: Tel: 01278 720220
Taunton & Chard: Tel: 01823 368460

Children and Adolescents Mental Health Services

Carers’ Assessment Workers

CAMHS East (Mendip and South Somerset) Tel: 01749 836561
CAMHS West (Taunton and Somerset Coast) Tel: 01823 368368

Carers’ Development Manager

Tel: 01749 836606


Tel: 01749 836633

Additional Information

For further information please visit the following websites