Toilet Training




Ready Steady ……

  • Children are ready at different ages but around 2 and 2.5 is a good time to start. Choose a potty with your child and keep it in the bathroom, if your bathroom is upstairs keep one downstairs as well so it is handy
  • Gently encourage your child to sit on the potty for a short time (bath time, change time and whenever you go to the toilet are helpful
  • Have a bag of special toys and books in the bathroom just for when they sit on the potty, bubbles are good too
  • Go shopping for some special pants


Lots to learn…...

  •          Practice washing hands at each change
  •          Change nappies or pull ups standing up
  •          Send the nappy or pull up contents down the toilet and flush
  •          Practice pulling up trousers and pull ups

Healthy Bladder and Bowels……

  •          Your child needs to wee and poo without discomfort
  •          Offer 6 to 8 drinks a day of 120-150mls in a cup
  •          Make sure your child is not constipated as this can impact on toilet training

What should children drink……

  •          Water is best  (if your child needs a drink in the night only offer water)
  •          2-3 drinks of milk a day are fine
  •          Say bye bye to bottles and drink out of a cup now
  •          DON’T limit drinks, the bladder needs to learn to fill right up and empty to work properly
  •          Don’t Give Drinks containing caffeine (tea, coffee and cola) Sweetened drinks and Fizzy drinks until they are older and then only as a treat.

 Where to go for help…

  • Call your health visiting team or pop in to one of their clinics. They have some helpful leaflets they can send you
  • Go to or call 08453708008 they have lots of leaflets and advice online or will send you a copy of ERICs Guide to Potty Training.
  • If your child has special needs Go to for lots of helpful leaflets and advice or speak to your Health Visiting team and they will send them to you

Here is a selection of helpful books you can borrow from the library: