Parenting Children

Parenting is exciting, rewarding, challenging, and sometimes exhausting. Lots of different adults can parent a child including, Grandparents, Step Parents, Auntie’s and Uncles.  This page will look at the parenting of a baby and young child the common issues that can arise when parenting a child or children.


Attachment is the process of a baby or child developing an emotional and physical bond with their primary care provider.  As the baby develops they will start to develop attachments and bonds with other people in their lives including grandparents and step parents.  This attachment and bond is developed by the parent responding to the baby’s needs including feeding in a sensitive way. When a baby has an attachment to their care provider this allows the baby to feel safe and reassured their needs are going to be met.  Playing and communicating with the baby is a key part of developing an attachment between a parent and baby.