How to refer your child


Your child can be referred by:

  • yourself (parents or carer)

  • a teacher

  • a GP, or

  • another professional.

All referrals can be made using the Integrated Therapy Service Referral Form or on an Early Help Assessment (EHA) which you can download by clicking on the links. You may also need additional information forms:

A referral form contains personal and sensitive information so please make sure that the form is sent to us in a safe and secure way by following this advice.

Completing the relevant forms will provide the therapist(s) with valuable information for planning the assessment.  

Please send the forms either by post or email to


ITS Referrals
Integrated Therapy Service
Priory House
Priory Health Park
Glastonbury Road

If you have any enquiries about referrals, please telephone 01749 836691 or email

Once we have received your referral, a team of our therapists will go through the form and the information you have given and decide whether our service is the best option to help  you and your child. If we do not think that we are the right service at the right time for you then we will write a letter back to you and the referrer explaining the reason for our decision. We may give some advice or suggest another service which is more appropriate for your child's difficulty.

If your child is accepted into the service for an assessment, you will receive a letter asking you to contact us to confirm that you would like an appointment. Once you have done this you will be offered a time, date and place for your appointment.  Your child may need a combination of more than one therapy, but that will be explained to you on your first appointment. 

What if you don't accept a referral?