Paediatric Continence


 Paediatric Continence Service

It is estimated that there are at least 500,000 children throughout the UK who suffer from bedtime wetting; over 125,000 children with daytime wetting and 100,000 children who regularly experience faecal incontinence and soiling.

 For children, young people and their families this can be emotionally distressing, causing anxiety, embarrassment, guilt and social exclusion.

 Most children grow out of childhood incontinence but for those with continuing symptoms, help is available which can greatly improve and potentially solve these issues. Our aim is that as many children as possible achieve continence.

 Some children with additional needs may not achieve this but we aim to support them and their parents to manage this with the provision of products, where necessary.

 Bladder and bowel problems in children can include:

  • Bedwetting

  • Daytime wetting

  • Urgent and frequent passing of urine during the day (more than 7 times per day)

  • Constipation and/or faecal soiling.

  • Delayed toilet training.

 What help is available?

 There are 3 levels of service available

 Level 1: Health Visitor or School Nurse

  • Children from 5 years old who are bedwetting

  • Children over 1 year with mild/simple constipation

  • Assessment for continence products where there is disability or complex health needs

 Level 2: Specialist Paediatric Continence Nurses

  • Children over 5 years who are bedwetting and have not responded to Level 1 treatment

  • Children who are daytime wetting

  • Children with more than 1 symptom (e.g. constipation and soiling or constipation and bedwetting)

 Level 3: GP, Paediatric Consultant

  • Children who have not responded to Level 1 or 2 treatment

  • Children with urinary infections or additional symptoms


If you are a parent or carer of a child with a continence problem, in the first instance, you should make an appointment with your GP to exclude infection or underlying pathology.