How to help a child


All children and young people develop differently.  There are some common problems that can be improved with some practical advice. 

You can find a number of  Advice sheets here that will give you guidance on how to support the progress of children and young people who are showing more common problems in their development.

If you cannot find what you are looking for or are not sure if it is right, please contact us.  You can ring our Telephone Advice Line to speak to a therapist directly.

The advice sheets are organised into two age-related groups:

  • Early Years (0 – 4 years)

  • School Age (5 – 19 years)

You can also get some more information and advice from the Fact Files books

The Fact Files explain more in detail if the problem your child has is common and acceptable in a child’s development or if your child would benefit from specialist support.

 The Fact Files include information on

  • typical development of children and young people

  • how to identify common and acceptable variations in children and young people’s development

  • how to decide which child and young person may need additional support to promote their development

  • when and how to refer for specialist assessment by the Integrated Therapy Service.