How to refer a child or young person


Please note - Additional information forms

When a child is referred to the service, they may need to be assessed by only one therapy or a combination of two or three. Our therapy staff will Triage the referral and at that point will accept or reject the referral according to the therapy criteria. They will also decide who needs to see the child at their first appointment and the details of this are included in the appointment letter.  Referrals that are identified as particularly urgent are fast-tracked while all other referrals are offered an appointment as soon as possible.

Referrals can be made to the Integrated Therapy Service are made using the Integrated Therapy Service Referral Form  or an Early Help Assessment . Referral can be sent by post or email to, see contact details above. Referrals will be considered for Children and Young People who are registered with a Somerset GP.

If you are a teacher, a GP or another professional please note that you may need additional information forms:

Completing the relevant forms will provide the therapist(s) with valuable information for planning the assessment.  

What if you don't accept a referral?