Self-Injury Pathway Project


Somerset Partnership is delighted to announce the launch of a new initiative for Secondary and Middle Schools. Commissioned for a year initially from March 2019, the Self-Injury Pathway Project will involve school pupils, parents and educational professionals across Somerset, gaining insight into how self-injury affects young people, their families and their schools. This is a separate project to that of SHARE however the teams will be working quite closely together.

Our primary aim is to discover the extent to which Self-Injury Policy exists in schools across Somerset, then collate our findings and support the creation of a coherent countywide approach.

Our second task is to deliver training to school staff structured to address fears and misconceptions, whilst challenging judgements. Providing a robust protocol, we aim to reassure staff that following straightforward guidance for handling disclosures will protect their students and themselves.

Finally, we aim to deliver an online presence; user-friendly resources, links to sites and potentially a community platform where staff across Somerset can talk to each other about any and every aspect of Self-Injury.

A Self-Injury Pathway Guide for Schools has been developed. Special mention and sincere thanks must go to Rhian Gravell for her work on the Project. Rhian contributed the Green Templates Section and the Re-integration of Young People into School Following Absence Flowchart to the Guide.  Her knowledge, understanding and creativity are greatly missed. 

The Guide is available to download by clicking here 

If you have any ideas, suggestions or information you would like to share, please do get it touch:

Kate Rufus, Self-Injury Pathway Project