Feedback from Parents who took part in some Tuning into Teens parenting workshops in Year One:

"Really helpful tips on how to make family life for teens & parents less like a rollercoaster and easier"

"I feel more educated about how to deal with tricky situations and therefore more relaxed & confident"

"Thank you for the experience it will be invaluable going forward"

"The quality of the training was very good. It was a very friendly atmosphere and I felt people were very comfortable chatting about personal situations. The quality of the presentation and printed material was good, plus there were lots of extra resources (websites etc.) were given"

"It has made me more self aware and aware of my parenting style. It has increased my knowledge and given me confidence to step in and tackle certain situations"

Some of our Young People's feedback from the Schools we have worked with so far this academic year:

"I really enjoyed the interactivity in the lesson and I feel a lot more educated in stigma"

"The team work activity was fun and we got to work with some new people"

"Very inspirational, liked the insight on why we have mental health"

"I understand more about Wellbeing"

"I liked the activities and how everyone was willing to contribute and join in"

"I like the resources we were given to give us a better understanding of becoming a Wellbeing Champion"

"I liked learning to calm myself down"

"You explained it very well and I think that you will help students in school"

"I liked all the different activities and discussions"

Some staff that we have worked with this year when asked 'what have you taken away from today's training?' have said:

"Knowing that you can make a difference even if you think you can't"

"To validate the child's emotion rather dismissing or saying its not a big deal"

"That mental health effects everyone- students and staff"

"Ways to avoid Stress"

"I need to look after myself better and that 'me time' is important"

"To reflect on my own wellbeing and coping strategies"

""Some of the statistics and knowing that other staff are in the same boat"

"Finding out new words and ideas to describe feelings"

"Knowing that our [staff] wellbeing is valued by the management"

Your feedback is important to us so if we have recently visited your School to deliver training, presentations, information sessions or workshops either with staff, parents or pupils then please use our feedback form