Wellbeing Champions


Wellbeing Champions are students, staff or parents that champion emotional wellbeing and positive mental health within the school setting and wider community. Champions drive forward positive change and support for the whole school community and break down stigma and barriers to receiving support. Evidence shows that creating a whole schools ethos and culture around mental health is key to the wellbeing, attainment and achievement of both students and staff (Mentalhealth.org.uk).

Schools can tailor the ‘Champion’ role to suit the needs of the setting, but we encourage Wellbeing Champions to meet termly and coordinate the school's approach to whole-school wellbeing, forming a Wellbeing Action Group.

Student Wellbeing champions

Student wellbeing champions are expected to…

  • Promote positive wellbeing and mental health throughout school

  • Support the creation of resources that promote wellbeing e.g. information boards, assemblies, activities etc.

  • Be a good listening ear to other students

  • Support students to seek help

    We support schools to recruit student champions, after which they will then receive our in-house 3 hour training programme which will build knowledge of emotions, wellbeing, self-care, resilience, communication and supporting peers. This prepares the champions to promote positive health and wellbeing through-out the school.

    Wellbeing Action Group

    A wellbeing action group’s role is to develop and implement the whole school approach to wellbeing, and drive forward and monitor the aims and priorities to wellbeing in the school setting. Working as a group will ease the burden on individual members of the school and ensure longevity of the whole school approach.

    The Wellbeing action group may consist of the designated lead, staff, student and parent champions, other key wellbeing staff, SHARE, external agencies etc.

Further information and support

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