What we offer


 The Benefits:

  • Collaborative development of a Whole School Approach to Emotional and Mental Health

  • Person Centred Approach to both staff and pupil wellbeing

  • Improved Adult Skills and Knowledge (mental health awareness, child and adolescent brain development, mindful emotion coaching)

  • Promoting Positive Mental Health (peer education, mental health champions, participation)

  • Reducing the stigma surrounding mental health.

  • A better understanding of emotions, feelings and behaviours.

  • Barriers to learning reduced and improved outcomes for young people.

  • Promoting relationships between staff, parents and young people.

  • Creating a healthier and more resilient environment.

What is Mindful Emotion Coaching?

Mindful Emotion Coaching is about building emotional resilience and mental wellbeing by enabling conversations about emotions behind behaviours and building understanding of the neuroscience of brain development, human interactions and mindful awareness. 

We look closely at the work of Professors Dan SiegelJohn Gottman  and David Eagleman and focus on the ‘how to’ of developing emotion resilience.



We use Dan Siegel's popular metaphor of the brain, The Hand Model, as an easy to remember and implement  psycho education tool. To link to relevant You Tube Clips and Resources join our interactive website.

Emotion Coaching is based on Dr. John Gottman’s research on emotional intelligence. Dr. John Gottman studied families for over twenty years to learn which kids were developing successfully and which were not. He measured how well the children performed in school, observed how well they related to their peers, and interviewed them to see how appropriately they behaved socially and how they related to their parents. His team kept finding the same results: children who were Emotion Coached were more successful as adults on measures like peer friendships, gainful employment, and academic performance than were children parented in other ways. Emotion Coaching means helping kids understand their emotions by recognizing what they are feeling and why. Dr. John Gottman named these skills Emotion Coaching and they are fundamental in creating respectful, emotionally healthy, successful children and adults.

In Somerset we are adapting Professor John Gottman's research and applying the findings to human relationships generally rather than specifically to parenting. We have developed a Mindful Emotion Coaching approach which involves  first building skills and knowledge in adults -parents, carers, teachers, other school based staff and  professionals working with children and young people eg health visitors, social workers, youth workers. As we all progress through the stages of Awareness, Acceptance, and into Adopting and Adapting so we become better able to manage our own feelings, emotions and behaviour  so that we can model and teach  children to understand their feelings and ultimately regulate their own behavior.  In other words we are working together across the whole community to provide  children with skills that set them up for positive social and emotional development into adulthood. 

We work collaboratively with Tuning in to Kids - a team based in The Mindful Institute, Melbourne, Australia who have developed an evidence based Parenting Programme also based on research by John Gottman and Dan Siegel. The programme is currently being cascaded into Early Help in Somerset - over 100 Parent Support Advisors and Family Support Workers in Somerset are now trained to run either Tuning in to Kids or Tuning in to Teens Parent Support Groups.

 Click here for more information about the Somerset Mindful Emotion Coaching Approach.