Your rights

 Here are some important things to think about for when you meet us:

Confidentiality - The person you meet should explain what this means.  It means we will not tell everybody about your problems, but we might have to talk to some people about them; for example, your family, teachers etc.  Any information about you is kept safely in a private place, in a file or in a computer.

Consent - The person you meet will also explain to your parents that they have to agree to let us help you.  They will have to sign a form.

Letters - We usually write to the person who referred you to us (who told us about you), but we will try and show you all the letters we write about you.

Your needs - For example, if you or your family need an interpreter, or if you want to bring a friend with you when you come to see us, you can.  If you want to see any letters in sign language or any other language, our staff will do this.

Complaints - If you are not happy, you should tell us.  If you want to tell us in sign language, please post us a DVD, or talk to one of the people in our team when you next see them.

Feedback - We want to make sure we are doing well, so we will ask you to fill in a questionnaire to tell us what you think.