Planning your discharge

Planning your discharge from the hospital

Most patients are discharged from hospital to their own home to recover.  Plans for discharge are considered throughout your hospital stay.

Once you are well enough to be discharged the health and social care staff will work with you to decide what assistance you need to be able to return home.

The staff will help you to get home as soon as you can.

Key points to remember:

  •            arrange to have suitable clothes and footwear to change into when travelling home
  •            take all your possessions and valuables
  •            take a supply of your current medication with you
  •            discuss arrangements for transport home with staff
  •            please inform a senior member of staff before you leave


Planning your discharge to another location

A small number of people will need further nursing or social care when they leave the hospital.  This might involve nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and social workers undertaking an assessment of your home circumstances, in order to help find the best option for you.

Options for you to consider are:

  •            return to your own home with assistance from visiting care staff (subject to review)
  •            a short-stay care bed in a residential or nursing home
  •            a residential home
  •            nursing home

If you would like information about eligibility for Continuing Health Care funding, please speak to a member of staff.