Our staff wear different colour uniforms. The pictures below show what each colour means. All staff should be wearing a name badge with their job title and Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation trust logo.


  • Matron

    Matron's uniform             A Matron wears a red dress or red tunic with navy trousers

  • Sister in Charge

    Sister in Charge     A Sister in Charge, or Senior Sister, wears a navy blue dress or tunic with red piping.

  • Staff Nurse

    Staff Nurse's uniform     A Staff Nurse wears a teal dress or teal tunic with navy trousers

  • Emergency Nurse Practitioner

    Emergency Nurse Practitioner's uniform     An Emergency Nurse Practitioner wears a light grey tunic and navy trousers

  • Healthcare Assistant

    Healthcare Assistant's uniform     A Healthcare Assistant wears a pale green dress or green tunic with navy trousers

  • Physiotherapist

    Physiotherapist's uniform    A Physiotherapist wears a white top with blue piping with navy trousers

  • Occupational Therapist

    Occupational Therapist's uniform     An Occupational Therapist wears a white top with green piping and green trousers

  • Therapy Assistant

    Therapy Assistant's uniform      A Therapy Assistant wears a white tunic with aqua piping and navy trousers

  • Podiatrist

    Podiatrist's uniform     A Podiatrist wears a white tunic and dark blue trousers 

  • Hotel Service Supervisor

    Hotel Service Supervisor     A Hotel Services Supervisor wears plain white blouse with dark skirt/trousers.

  • Housekeeper

    Housekeeper's uniform     A Housekeeper wears a burgundy tunic or dress and navy trousers

  • Assistant Housekeeper

    Assistant Housekeeper     An Assistant Housekeeper wears a lilac tunic or dress or shirt and navy trousers

  • Administration Staff

    Administration Staff's uniform    Female Administration Staff wears a navy and white Administration Staff Malediamond patterned blouse or a white blouse with dark skirt or trousers. Male Administration Staff wears a white shirt with dark trousers.

  • Porter

    Porter's uniform     A Porter wears sapphire shirt and navy trousers