Meet the team

In Dorset we employ a multidisciplinary team of dental professionals. All of our professionals are registered and governed by the General Dental Council. This ensures each professional has appropriate training and that the individual professional keeps up to date. 

We also provide an Oral health promotion service which targets specific groups with known high risk of dental disease, providing topical fluoride application, dental health advice, education and instruction for carers and staff, and toothbrushes and toothpaste for certain special needs childrens’ centres.


  • Dentist

    DentistAll dentists are registered with the General Dental Council. From recently qualified to experienced, the dentists we employ are committed to quality care for the groups we treat. They bring to their posts a variety of qualifications, depending on their interests and specialty. The dentist provides the prescriptions for the work of the therapist, hygienist and nurse.

    Weekend sessions for out-of-hours relief of pain are largely staffed by dentists from general practices in the area. 

  • Dental nurse

    Dental NurseEach dental nurse is registered with the General Dental Council. Their role is to assist the dentist in carrying out dental procedures, act as a legal chaperone, carry out cross infection and sterilisation and support and help the patient.

    Many of our dental nurses have extra qualifications, allowing them to take x-ray pictures at the dentist’s request, provide dental health education, and assist in certain sedation and oral surgery sessions.  

  • Dental hygienist and therapist

    Dental HygienistDental HygienistAll dental hygienists and therapists are registered with the General Dental Council. We employ a number of dental therapists and hygienists to carry out routine dental treatment.

    You will be treated by a dental therapist or hygienist if appropriate, after you have had an assessment by a dentist. Dental hygienists and are trained to enable them to carry out a specific set of duties. This includes fillings, local anæsthetics, radiographic imaging, extraction of baby teeth, pulp treatment in baby teeth, fissure sealants and treatment and prevention of gum disease.  With additional training, they can provide inhalation sedation, removal of sutures, bleach non-vital teeth and initiate radiographic examinations.

  • Specialist in special care dentistry

    These dentists have undergone additional training sufficient to meet the criteria for registration on the Special Care Specialist List of the General Dental Council. They lead the teams in terms of management of general anæsthetics for adults with special needs, and also for their dental management. Their remit extends across patients with learning difficulties, stroke, dementia, physical and mental disorders.

  • Dentist with special interest in oral surgery

    We employ a number of dentists with special interest in oral surgery DwSI within our service. These are dentists that have undertaken extra training and have an additional post graduate qualification. This additional qualification is either FDS (Fellowship in Dental Surgery) or MFD (Membership of the Faculty of Dentistry). These dentists have the appropriate skills and experience to carry out procedures that require a surgical approach, for example, extraction of wisdom teeth.

  • Dental receptionist

    Your first point of contact when you enter our dental clinics will be the dental receptionist. Our friendly, helpful and understanding receptionists carry out a wide range of duties.  One of these duties is to remind you of your appointment by ringing you the day before it is due.

  • Administration team

    These are the back-room support staff that carry out the administrative tasks that allow our team to function effectively. 

  • Oral health promotion team

    Oral health promotion teamWe have a small team of oral health promotors who deliver oral health improvement in partnership with the Local Authority and Public Health England. We are working towards improving oral health across Somerset of children, young people and at-risk adults, through programmes of targeted interventions, aiming to improve the availability of optimal levels of fluoride, improving oral hygiene and addressing inequalities in oral health. The interventions include community-based fluoride varnish applications, oral health care training sessions for carers and the distribution of toothbrush/toothpaste packs to targeted groups of children.

    We offer evidence-based targeted interventions to improve oral health and contribute to addressing oral health inequalities across Somerset through Getset Nurseries delivering Fluoride Varnish Applications twice yearly to 3 year olds. Please check with the nurseries for this service. We can also offer training sessions for “people who care for others.” Information on this can be found in our leaflets section under oral health.