How to access our services


Patients are referred to us from a variety of sources, depending on the type of treatment needed.

If you are already registered with a dentist they will refer you to our service if they feel necessary.

If you are not registered with a dentist and you feel you have a physical, medical or mental condition that is creating a barrier to your accessing adequate dental care, then please contact our Single Point of Access for either Somerset 0300 124 0426   or Dorset 0300 124 0427


We have clinics across Somerset and Dorset.  To find out more where they are located please follow the links or go to the different areas and click on 'Contact us'.

Single Course of treatment

Many dentists refer both child and adult patients to us where they have been unsuccessful in achieving the treatment needed, and we will provide a single course to achieve this treatment, and then return them to their family dentist.

Occasionally, if there are significant behavioral issues, we will take the patient on for a longer period to establish better behaviour in the surgery before they are returned to the family dentist.  

Long-term care

There are a number of patients with “special needs” whom we will take on for long-term care on referral from their dentist, or other health-care providers.

These include children and adults with moderate to severe learning difficulties, children with certain medical, metabolic or congenital conditions, or behavioural problems that make dental care or its delivery more challenging.

We will continue to manage these patients until it becomes possible to refer them on into the general dental services. For a number of them it will not be possible to make this referral, and they will remain in our care long-term.  

Somerset Services Only

Minor Oral Surgery

Your dentist can refer you for a single course of minor oral surgery.  Please note we are not commissioned to provide this service under conscious sedation.

Relief of pain

People with toothache who are not registered with a dentist are referred in through our helpline for treatment aimed at relieving the pain.

If you are not registered with a dentist and you are in pain. Please call our dental helpline on 0300 123 7691 or email us at