Denture care

Dentures are false teeth that are made to replace missing teeth or teeth that have been lost through disease or trauma.

  • All dentures should be removed before bed time and kept damp in a glass containing water
    It is generally not necessary to soak the dentures in over the counter products, unless this has been specifically advised by a dental professional
  • Leaving the denture out at night time allows the soft tissues to rest and will prevent fungal infections from occurring
  • You should remove your denture and clean them at least twice a day 
  • Clean your denture with liquid hand soap and a denture brush or a firm toothbrush 
  • The most important area to clean is the part of the denture that contacts the soft tissues and teeth
  • It is also advisable to rinse the denture, with water, after meals

If you wear a full set of dentures and you do not have any teeth, you should still visit your dentist regularly. Your dentist will check your mouth and screen for mouth cancer.