Chlamydia Screening Programme

The chlamydia screening programme is available to all men and women aged 15 - 24 living in Somerset who have ever had sex.

Who we are

The programme is part of a national programme aimed at getting sexually active young people to test as:

  • One in 12 sexually active 15 to 24 yr olds in Somerset will have Chlamydia
  • It Is the most common bacterial, sexually transmitted infection in the UK
  • It can affect men and women (whatever your sexuality)
  • Most people do not know they are infected as they have no symptoms
  • Left untreated, it can lead to pain and infertility, and  can easily be passed

What we do

We provide DIY testing kits several sites around Somerset so young people can access screening through their GP, Pharmacy, Sexual health service Educational setting, Minor injury unit, and several other health and non- health services.

Kits can also be requested on line at

How we work

Chlamydia can be passed:

  • By having vaginal, anal or oral sex with someone who already has it
  • Sharing sex toys
  • A pregnant woman can pass the infection to her baby, if she is infected at the time of giving birth.

To test

It's simple, free and confidential.

  • Pee in the pot, or use the swab in the privacy of your own bathroom
  • Complete the form choosing how you want to be informed of your result
  • Put this form with your sample back in the box and drop it in the nearest post box


To contact the chlamydia screening office call 0300 3230036 or email

For full STI screening of contraceptive information/advice call 0300 1245010