The Podiatry Service is a specialist service which assesses, diagnoses and treats disorders of the foot and lower limb. Our aim is to ensure that the people of Somerset can achieve maximum independence of movement with the minimum of pain and disability.

Who we are

  • Chartered Podiatrists who are registered with the Health Professions Council
  • Students from local universities

What we do

The service has a number of experienced clinicians who are able to offer specialist advice and treatment in the management of Diabetic ulcer care and biomechanics. The packages of care we offer include:


Foot care education is offered to all patients who are referred to the Podiatry Service, who are assessed as a low risk and would benefit from attending a group session to support them in the self-management of their podiatry needs.

Wound Care

This is the management of newly presenting and chronic foot ulcers through regular treatments and infection control. We are a part of Somerset’s Integrated Multi-Disciplinary Foot Team and have strong links with the hospital vascular, orthopaedic, and orthotist services which allow us to provide holistic care.

Routine Care

Routine Podiatry is the management of corns, calluses in patients at risk of complications due to a specific medical condition.  Nail care is only provided to Diabetic patients at high risk of complications and unable to self-care.  Patients can be referred to Age UK nail cutting services if 60 or over.  Please note that we do not provide a general nail cutting service for patients at low risk of complications.  

Nail Surgery

Nail surgery is provided for patients aged 15 or over with in-growing or pathologically painful nails. Using local anaesthetic and a tourniquet, either a partial or total nail removal would be performed and if required the nail is prevented from re-growing by using a caustic.


A biomechanical assessment is undertaken for patients aged 15 or over with a structural abnormality of the foot or a specific medical condition. Self-care and insoles from the high street need to have been tried prior to referral for this service.

Home visits

To qualify for any packages of care on a domiciliary basis, patients must be housebound with active ulceration and be unable to access their nearest clinic through any of the forms of transportation available to them. Free transport may be available to take you to and from an appointment and eligibility can be determined by phoning 01278 727444..

How you can access these services

Patients are referred to the service by their GP, consultant or other health care professional. Patients are seen in a variety of locations, including community hospital sites, clinics and GP surgeries.


Podiatry Booking Offices - lines open 08:30-15:00 Monday to Friday

Bridgwater Booking Office (West) 01278 436733
for appointments at Bridgwater, Burnham on Sea, Minehead, Williton, Parkgate.

Chard Booking Office (South) 01460 247555
for appointments at  Bartec, Chard, Crewkerne, Frome, Shepton, South Petherton, Wellington, Wells, West Mendip and Wincanton.