Forensic Service

The Forensic Liaison Team has three main roles. Firstly, we support people with mental health difficulties when there is a concern about risk. This support may be offered directly with a Somerset Partnership client or indirectly to members of the care team. Secondly, we support people from Somerset who are living in placements in other locations across the country.  Finally, we support people with mental health difficulties if they enter the criminal justice system. 

Who we are

The Forensic Liaison Team includes a Clinical Forensic Psychologist, a Clinical Psychologist, a Forensic Psychologist and a Case Review Officer. We also employ Assistant Psychologists.

The Liaison and Diversion Service LADS (previously Court Advice and Assessment Service CAAS) consist of court practitioners and support time and recovery workers.  For more information please follow the link.

What we do

Our psychologists offer:

  • psychology assessment
  • assessment of risk and plans to manage risk
  • advice and consultation to professionals
  • specialist supervision of professionals
  • support to inpatient teams
  • teaching and training
  • a service supporting probation officers and their clients, when a personality disorder is evident
  • psychological interventions, including an Anger Management programme, an Offence Related Programme and a Readiness for Change programme

Our case review officer acts as care coordinator for clients living in placements around the country and where Somerset Partnership is responsible for over-seeing their care. The case review officer is a consistent point of contact for clients, attends review meetings and works with their local care teams and hospitals to ensure the best delivery of care. Where appropriate, the case review officer supports people to return to Somerset.
The Court Advice and Assessment service work with people with mental health issues if they enter the criminal justice system.

How we work

If you were referred to our team for psychological assessment, and you wanted to meet us, we would arrange a convenient time and place to explain the process and answer any questions you might have. We would ask for your views and ideas about what current “risks” might be. We might also offer you questionnaires to help with this. We usually then write a report which we would go through with you.

If you are from Somerset but are living in a placement in another location, our Case Review Officer would most likely become your Care co-ordinator. He would be available via telephone and meet you regularly. His role is to support you towards your recovery and to ensure your needs and views are represented in review meetings, tribunals and other situations.

For more information on how the Court Advice and Assessment service supports people if they are involved in the Criminal Justice System, please follow the link.

How you can you access these services

After discussion with you, Somerset Partnership Trust staff can make a referral to The Forensic Liaison Team.

Waiting time

After referral, a Psychologist would aim to meet you within 4 weeks. If your situation was urgent, this could be much sooner.

The Court Advice and Assessment service aims to meet you on the day you appear in court. If you are in police custody in Yeovil, we may be able to see you while you are there.

Where you can access these services

Our Psychologists offer a service across Somerset in a location most appropriate to our clients and referrers. We work in all Somerset Partnership inpatient and community settings and when appropriate travel to prisons and other facilities across the country.

Our case review officer travels to any location in Britain where a Somerset client is currently living.
The Court Advice and Assessment service works within Taunton Magistrates Court, Taunton Crown Court, Yeovil Magistrates Court and Yeovil Police Custody.


The Forensic Liaison Team
Glanville House
Church Street

Tel: 01278 411860
Fax: 01278 411861