Intensive Dementia Support Service (IDSS)

Description of Service

The Intensive Dementia Support Service (IDSS) is a service that provides intensive support to patients with dementia while they are in a period of crisis. The support will be residence be this nursing/residential homes or the patient’s own home. The crisis has to be such that it is beyond that which can be supported by the Older Persons Community Mental Health Team, or needs urgent assistance, which could result in assessment for admission to a mental health inpatient setting. The IDSS input is often in addition to the normal older person community mental health team (CMHT) support, and patients will continue to be care co-ordinated from within the CMHT where there is already a worker identified.

What we do?

The IDSS will provide assessment, treatment and intensive support in the form of medication review, occupational and functional assessment and support, role modelling of practical nursing approaches and strategies. Ongoing education will be offered to care homes and hospital settings, as well as to families and carers. This is all with the aim of trying to support our patients as far as possible to keep doing the things they need/like to do. Whilst trying to stop our patients from being admitted to hospital. If someone has been admitted to hospital we can be part of the discharge plan in helping our patients to adjust going back into their usual place of residence. The IDSS team consists of psychiatrists, other medical staff, occupational therapists, nursing staff, assistant practioners and support workers.

Patient Referrals

Patients can be referred to us by: nursing/residential homes, GPs, Older Persons Community Health Team (CMHTs), Allied Mental Health Professionals (AMHP), Psychiatrist, Adult crisis/home treatment teams and Somerset Partnership inpatient mental health wards.

To make a referral you can either phone one of our teams, fax a referral or email us using one of our referral forums. It is probably best to phone us and discuss the referral first which we could then accept over the phone.

Area Covered

We are made up of two teams, covering the whole of Somerset. There is an East team and West team.
The East team covers: Chard, Yeovil, Wincanton, Mendip, Glastonbury, Street, Wells and Frome.
The West team covers: Minehead, Taunton, Wellington, Burnham-On-Sea, Bridgwater, Watchet and Williton.

Hours of Service

We work seven days a week, 365 days a year. The East team worked between the hours of 08:00 to 20:00. The West Team works 09:00 to 17:00, with a view of increasing these hours to 08:00 - 20:00 when all staff positions have been fully recruited.