Personality Disorders Service Leaflets

  • Extended AssessmentWorking together to make sense of the diagnosis of Personality Disorder and its relevance to you
  • Guided FormulationA process which helps you to better understand the difficulties that you may be experiencing and what may be helpful to you
  • Borderline Personality Disorder – Some basic information on the diagnosis
  • The DPQ-R Wheel - Self identification and evaluation of Dependent Personality features
  • The ‘Risk Matrix’ – designed to help service users, carers and staff to identify risks and protective factors in order to make decisions about managing risks and planning care.
  • DBT Skills Groups More information on the courses run in Somerset

Personality Disorders Service Publications

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Useful Websites

If you are interested in finding out more about Personality Disorders or you have a diagnosis of Personality Disorder and would like to know more about other organisations that could be of support, we have compiled a list of useful websites.

The Trust has provided the below links for information purposes and in good faith. However, the Trust cannot accept any responsibility as to content or accuracy of third party information.


The National Institute of Care and Excellence NICE provide guidelines for best practice and set national standards for care and treatment.  The have published guidelines for:

Borderline Personality Disorder NICE Guideline - BPD

Anti-Social Personality Disorder NICE Guideline - ASPD

Self Harming NICE guidelines - self harm

National Personality Disorder Website
This is a comprehensive website that was set up and managed by the National Personality Disorder Development Team from 2002-2011. 

Carers4PD – Supporting Carers of those with Personality Disorder 

Emergence is a service user-led organisation supporting all people affected by Personality Disorder including service users, carers, family and friends and professionals. 

National Education Alliance for Borderline Personality Disorder
This is a American organisation who work to raise public awareness, training and research into Borderline Personality Disorder in order to enhance the  life of people affected by it. 

American National Association for Personality Disorder who work to foster education and research into Personality Disorders. – Treatment And Research Advancements (TARA) 

Meeting the Challenge

An easily accessible booklet designed to help practitioners to work effectively to support people with personality disorder in the community – also has useful background information and service user experience. 

Is a national mental health charity that provides advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem.  They campaign to improve services, raise awareness, they provide very clear general information on mental illnesses and specific information and resources on Personality Disorders. 

Mental Help
Is a website that exists to promote mental health and wellness education and advocacy.  It provides a wealth of information about Personality Disorders. 

Royal College of Psychiatry
The college was set up to set standards and promote excellence in psychiatry and mental healthcare, lead, represent and support psychiatrists and work with patients, service users, carers and other organisations interested in delivering high quality mental health services.  It provides a wealth of information and papers about Personality Disorders. 

BPD World
A charitable organisation reducing the stigma of borderline Personality Disorder. 

Link to Samaritans website 

The Site
The Site is an online support website, with support available 24 hours a day for young people aged 16-25.

Relationships in the 21st century
Article on the importance of relationships to mental well-being.