What we do & how we work

What we do

We have a core approach of Relational Recovery which recognises the importance of relationships and working together to help promote recovery. The focus is on peoples’ unique strengths in working towards recovery from serious mental health problems.

We offer a range of services to support individuals with Personality Disorder, including:

  • Assessment and diagnosis
  • Care Coordination and working together to identify and gain a fuller understanding of problems that individuals may be facing
  • Recommendations for treatment options such as group or individual therapy
  • Psycho-educational skills based groups and psychotherapy groups
  • Supervision and support of frontline staff
  • Consultation and advice for staff
  • Training, Clinical Supervision and Reflective Practice for staff teams

The Emerging personality Disorder Service now sits with ‘Connect18’ the new transitions service.

How we work 

The service can be accessed through the Personality Disorder Locality Leads via your Care Coordinator within the Community Mental Health Team or directly through the Clinical Manager. 

This may be with a direct referral to the Service, or indirectly via your Care Coordinator liaising with the team, or with the Service providing support in the background; a typical Care Pathway might look something like this:

Webplan for PDS


Waiting time

The Personality Disorder Service is small, limited service. Allocations are agreed through discussions with local mental health managers.