Sending a referral

The information you are supplying in this referral form is personal and sensitive (as defined by the Data Protection Act 1998) and you should try and protect this information using the advice below.

If the information is about yourself, then It is your responsibility to ensure that this information is conveyed to the Trust in a safe and secure way.

If the information is about someone other than yourself, then please ensure the person has agreed for you to send this information on their behalf or, you are their appointed guardian or have parental responsibility and that this information is conveyed to us in a safe and secure way.

This form can be sent in the following ways:

  • Hand delivery to the Trust location – you should ensure the envelope is clearly labelled and sealed. Please hand in to reception staff.
  • Fax – you should be aware that the information can be sent to the wrong location if, for instance, you use the wrong fax number. Faxes can also be read similarly to e-mails (see below).
  • Email – you should be aware that an email is like a postcard and any system the email passes through on its journey to our system, the information could be read by someone else. Also, double check the email address is correct before sending. When we contact you if this is by email return then we use secure emails.
  • Royal Mail – you should ensure that the envelope containing the completed form is sealed securely and addressed clearly.

Somerset Partnership is not responsible for the loss of the referral form and the information which you send to us until we have properly received it. We will ensure that any communication which we have with you, is performed in a safe and secure way. Where we need to inform other organisations or Trusts in order to be able to provide you with a service we will ensure that your information is transferred securely.