Clinical Trials Performance

The Department of Health requires the Trust to report on its performance in setting up, and recruiting to clinical trials. We will do this on a quarterly basis. 

A ‘Clinical Trial’ is a research study conducted on human participants to:

  • investigate the safety and efficacy of an investigational medicinal product
  • investigate the safety and efficacy a medical device
  • study a novel intervention or comparing interventions in clinical practice using a randomized control trial

There are two key performance indicators:

  • The time taken to initiate clinical trials opened in Somerset Partnership within the last 12 months. The benchmark is currently 70 days from the date the site was selected to the date the first participant is recruited to the trial.

  • The performance of the Trust in delivering any commercial contract clinical trial closed to recruitment in the previous twelve months. The target is to recruit the agreed number of participants by the agreed date.

Performance in Initiating Clinical Research

You can download the Performance in Initiating Clinical Research by clicking here.

Performance in Delivering Commercial Clinical Research 

Nil return for January 2019 - December 2019.

Somerset Partnership is involved in a number of other research studies that are not classed as “clinical trials”