Confidentiality of patient information and information sharing


This page explains what information is collected about you, why it is collected and the ways it is used. Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (the Trust) recognises how important it is that you are fully aware of the information we collect and hold about you as well as how we share that information.

To ensure that your information is kept confidential and that our data is kept safe and secure, all our staff are given training in data protection and information governance before they start work with us. Current staff must also undertake regular refresher training courses tailored to their individual roles.

Access to your information

Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is an integrated organisation offering community health, mental health and learning disabilities services.  We believe it is best to share health information across services within the Trust to make sure we can provide the best coordinated care for you.

If you do not want certain information recorded or shared with others involved in your care, or members of your family or friends, please talk to the person in charge of your care.

This is reflected in Caldicott Principles that access to your information should be on a need to know basis only. Staff access of confidential information is monitored to ensure your confidentiality is maintained.

 Information we hold about you:

  • your name, address, telephone number(s), date of birth and next of kin;
  • details of each contact that we have had with you, including home visits and telephone consultations;
  • records of your health and wellbeing, including reports from other health and care providers;
  • details of your care and treatments, including test results and investigations that have been undertaken; and
  • relevant information from people who care for you, including other health and care providers, carers and relatives.

This information is referred to as Person Confidential Data and we are mandated to ensure that it is treated in confidence and with respect, using the Caldicott Principles as our basis for managing your information.

For more information please download our leaflet 'Protection and Use of patient information leaflet'.

Information Sharing within Somerset

Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust has signed up to the Somerset Overarching Information Sharing Protocol. The protocol sets key principles and standards for sharing personal data and information in any form including verbal, paper, electronic, audio and visual, in order to establish a framework for sharing of information across the health and social care community for the benefit of patients & clients.

Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust has already put in place these principles and standards as their baseline approach to sharing patient information. The aim is to promote a consistent approach to the sharing of information that will benefit individuals and services whist protecting the people that information is about.