Become a Member

You can make a real difference to the way community and mental health services are developed and delivered in Somerset.

Our membership is made up of  local people with an interest in the Trust (including patients and carers) and in helping us to develop the services we provide. It also includes our staff, and representatives from partner organisations in the local area.

Being a Foundation Trust gives us more freedom in what we do and how we do it, bringing a range of important benefits, such as:

  • The ability to develop stronger ties with patients, carers, local people and our staff
  • Opportunities for people to be consulted on plans and to become more involved in developing services
  • Opportunities for people to have their say in improving the services we provide
  • The ability to take decisions quickly, decisively and locally 

We are keen that our membership is representative of the wide range of people who we care for, who work for us, and who live in the communities we serve.

Membership is free! How much you choose to take part as a member is up to you. You may just want to vote every three years for someone to represent you on our Council of Governors. Or you may want to take a more active and involved role by attending events and meetings, or maybe even stand as a governor yourself. Whichever level of participation you choose gives you a bigger say in what we do, and really makes your views count.

We currently have over 7000 members, and this number is growing.

If you are interested in becoming a member you can complete the online membership application form by clicking here.

Alternatively you can phone our membership office on 01278 432167, send us an email or write to:


Somerset Partnership NHS
Foundation Trust
Mallard Court
Express Park
Bristol Road

The information you provide on your membership application form will remain confidential and will be managed in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998).

What happens next?

When you have completed the online form or sent us your completed form by post, we will send you an acknowledgement.

Email correspondence is always encouraged, as this is both less expensive for you and us, and also helps us achieve our environmental objectives.