Our performance

Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust has a well-established performance management framework and a strong performance management culture at all levels of the organisation.

The key focus of the Trust is on the provision of accurate and timely performance management information to teams and individuals, in order to facilitate informed decision making, to deliver improvements to service provision and the quality of care delivery.

The Trust uses a balanced scorecard approach to monitor and improve performance, which is reported to the Partnership Trust Board, staff and commissioners, and is also made available publicly.

Divisional-level performance scorecards, comparing the performance of each division against required standards and also against with the aggregate level of performance of the organisation, are produced on a monthly basis. Electronic versions of the scorecards are routinely provided to clinical staff and managers, and the Trust iteratively continues to develop and improve the provision of information to front line staff, to enable them to assess and improve their performance and responsiveness to patients’ needs.

The Trust benchmarks its performance against other mental health and community health services providers within the South West region and nationally, in particular through the Audit Commission Mental Health Benchmarking Club, and the NHS Benchmarking Network. Recent benchmarking exercises in which the Trust has participated have shown the Trust to be performing particularly well.

The Trust also has robust arrangements in place, to monitor the quality of care delivered to all of its patients. The Trust aims to ensure that patients receive the very highest standards of care, and every effort is made to enhance further the experience of patients, across the all of the Trust’s services. The Trust produces a separate monthly report, setting out information across a broad range of quality-based indicators and routinely investigates fluctuations in trends, to determine whether any actions can be taken to make further improvements to service quality.