Trust Committees

Somerset Partnership has developed a comprehensive governance framework that looks to provide assurance to our Board and to our patients and the public about the quality of our services “from Ward to Board”.

Trust Board

The Board has overall responsibility for corporate governance and the development of systems and processes to make sure we manage our risks appropriately and deliver safe, high quality services to our patients.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee (which is made up of Non Executive Directors) provides objective assurance to the Board and management as to the adequacy and effectiveness of the organisations risk management by working with our auditors and looking at other external sources of information on the quality of our services.

Integrated Governance Committee

The Integrated Governance Committee is our Board level committee responsible for providing assurance on issues of legal, regulatory and standards and compliance with our legal and statutory requirements; our clinical and quality objectives and the quality standards required by Monitor and the Care Quality Commission.

Clinical Governance

The Clinical Governance Group oversees the organisation’s clinical governance agenda by ensuring that appropriate systems and processes are in place to deliver continual improvement in the quality of our services, and by safeguarding high standards of care. The Group looks at areas such as serious untoward incidents, safeguarding, clinical audits, patient safety and medicines management.

Regulation Governance

The Regulation Governance Group is responsible for collecting and reviewing information about patient and staff experience, as well as compliance with equality and diversity, Mental Health Act monitoring and workforce legislative and regulatory requirements.

Information Governance

The Information Governance Group looks at issues of risk relating to statutory compliance including Caldicott, Freedom of Information; Records Management; Data Protection Act and other subject access systems.