Allied Health Professionals


Somerset Partnership offers Podiatry care across Somerset which is delivered in a variety of settings including; Hospitals, Medical Practices, purpose built clinics, Residential Settings and Patients Homes.


We deliver high quality patient centered services to a wide range of patients including services to GP practices, 13 community hospitals, a specialist community based diabetes gastroenterology and paediatric service, the ‘off-script’ home enteral tube feeding service, a specialist renal service to patients on haemodialysis and a specialist eating disorders service.

Physiotherapists/Occupational Therapists

Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists work across integrated Independent Living Teams and Stroke Services in Somerset.  The Independent Living Team is a joint venture between Health and Adult Social Care.   We have a supportive rehabilitation service that is committed to continued professional development, peer support and practice education and broad ongoing training, and we have excellent support from our clinical specialists.

As a member of the team you will carry out specific assessments, which will include goal setting and treatment planning, assessing risk, promoting and enabling independent functioning, and ensure that service users optimise their rehabilitation potential.

MSk Physiotherapists

MSk Physiotherapists work closely with all MSk Physiotherapy staff including the Clinical Specialists and Orthopaedic Assessment Service.

We pride ourselves on quality care for patients, supported by robust clinical governance and mentoring for our team. We offer a rolling IST programme plus an enhanced package of training for B5 graduates. There are also various opportunities to join special interest groups within the service.

The MSk Physiotherapy service is fully integrated with our sister service – the Orthopaedic Assessment Service (OASIS), this promotes close working relationships and ensures seamless pathways of care for patients and many additional learning opportunities for staff.

Paediatric Speech and Language Therapists

The service, which was jointly commissioned in October 2009 by NHS Somerset and Somerset Local Authority, comprises Paediatric Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists as well as Therapy Support Practitioners and Administrators.

The service is delivered by four integrated therapy teams working geographically across Somerset in clinics, schools, children’s centres, other preschool settings and family homes. We have a close working partnership with education and with health colleagues in other services.

Adult Speech and Language Therapist

Adult Speech and Language Therapy is a countywide service provided by Somerset Partnership.  The service provides assessment, diagnosis and treatment to both in-patients and out patients with acquired disorders of communication and swallowing.