Whether it's providing leading edge services to our community or outstanding training and development to our staff, our vision is to always maximise potential. Our teams and the Trust are built on ambition and as we continue to grow we're looking for nurses to join our team and be a part of something big.

Known for innovation and ambition, we've led the way in some really important areas. In 1999 we first integrated Mental Health with Social Services; in 2011 Community Nursing became part of the Somerset Partnership to further support the integration between Mental Health and General Nursing. Our District Nurses have been leading care assessments in nursing homes since the 1990s. You name the innovation, we've done it – and usually before our major competitors.

Working with us you will never get bored - we have over 30 types of nursing at all levels in our Community Health, Mental Health and Learning Disability Services.

It’s not been easy to summarise all the wonderful work that goes on at Somerset Partnership.  So we've put together short video of what a day working with us is like.