Childcare Vouchers

Childcare Voucher Scheme                   

If you have children under 16 years of age read on………..

  • Save tax and NI by taking part of your salary in Childcare Vouchers
  • Pay for breakfast clubs, afterschool clubs, boarding and holiday clubs
  • Use them to pay for registered childcare for children up to 16 years old
  • Save up to £1,000 per year or double that if both parents choose to take them
  • Access to extra discounts on shopping, days out and more

What are Childcare Vouchers?

If you are using registered or approved childcare, you can choose to take part of your salary in Childcare Vouchers to pay for it which are tax and National Insurance (NI) free. This means you get extra value from your pay packet each month. In order to help you make these savings, your employer has introduced a Childcare Voucher scheme in partnership with Edenred.

How much can you save?

The savings you can make are per person, so if you have a wife, husband or partner who also works for an employer that operates a scheme, you could double your household savings. The exact amount you can save depends on how much you earn and how much tax and NI you currently pay. Typical savings are around £1,000 a year.

Where can they be used?

Childcare Vouchers can be used to pay for the care of children up to the age of 15 or 16 years old if they are disabled, including: pre-school care such as nursery schools, play schools and creches, home based care such as childminders, nannies and au pairs, care for older children such as out of school clubs (breakfast clubs, afterschool clubs, boarding) and holiday clubs.

For more information visit To join the scheme click on ‘Join Now’ in the parents area entering our organisation's ID which is available on the intranet. If you do not have access to the internet please contact the Parents Enquiry Line on 0800 247 1233.

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