As an organisation, we pride ourselves on finding innovative ways of working on a daily basis that support our values and most importantly improve quality of patient care. We strive to look for fresh and new ideas that help us to reach out to the community, enable staff to go the extra mile in their role and to support each other as colleagues to create a safe and happy working environment.

We are constantly looking to implement and improve initiatives that help us to achieve our goals in innovative ways.  We evolve our way of working on a daily basis looking at ways to improve our organisation locally and on a broader scale.  Our award winning ‘Say Something See Something’ Campaign encourages staff to praise colleagues on their achievements, whilst also highlights areas where we can further expand both as an organisation and as individuals. It provides us with the opportunity to reflect and enhance our services even further.  The impressive training programme has now been recognised nationally for its effectiveness and is being sought out by a variety of organisation across the country. 

Within our individual services we are also looking at unique ways to improve patient care. Bridgwater Hospital holds a weekly ‘Memory café’ where they encourage patients to all get together for a cup of tea, a slice of cake and a chat. Visitors, friends and family are all welcomed and everyone can play games, listen to old music and reminisce. It is a popular idea that supports falls risk management and provides stimulation for the cognitively impaired. The café encourages a sense of community in a place which can be daunting and providing the opportunity to forget the difficult time they may be going through. Initiatives such as this one help us to truly remember why we are here and ensures that patient care is at the forefront of everything we do here at Somerset Partnership.

Our good practice compendium highlights ways in which the Trust has done just this. From Peer Support groups to specialised services who endeavour to use original, effective and streamlined ways to make both Staff and Patients alike feel valued, appreciated and well cared for.