Professional programmes, educational standards and university processes are regularly reviewed and adapted to meet demands of a changing NHS.   Mentors are required to maintain and update their practice on an annual basis to stay live on the Trust’s Mentor Register. Mentors are encouraged to be aware of when they need to update and access the provision available.

Updates can be accessed through the Trusts Learning & Development site. Click here for details of current courses.

 The Trusts Practice Placement Team holds the Mentor Register and is able to provide mentors of their expiry date and details of updates available, mentors can contact if they need this information.  

 In addition to workshops, staff can access e-learning or workbook as alternative methods to update, however the regularity of changing documentation and processes mean that a face to face update is advisable. If mentors do access a flexible route of learning they must attend a face to face session for their next update

Triennial Reviews

 Triennial Review applies to all nurse mentors and defines the underpinning requirements that nurse mentors must meet over a three year period to stay active as a mentor. The requirements for Triennial Review are:

  • Mentors must provide evidence of mentoring a minimum of two students over a three year period. This can include working and supporting students who are mentored by another member of staff in the team.
  • Evidence of professional development in mentoring and that mentoring practice has been discussed with a manager. This can include annual update, reflections on your practice with a student and discussion with your manager at Management Supervision or Appraisal around your mentoring practice.

 Nurse mentors are encouraged to dedicate a subsection of their professional portfolio to evidence and reflection on their mentoring practice.  This evidence will also be admissible for revalidation purposes.