What is Preceptorship?

A foundation period of preceptorship for practitioners at the start of their careers will help them begin the journey from novice to expert. This will enable them to apply the knowledge, skills and competencies acquired as students, into their area of practice, laying a solid foundation for life-long learning’

(DH, 2008)

What is the Preceptorship Programme?

At Somerset Partnership we offer a yearlong Preceptorship Programme that encompasses formal taught sessions, action learning sets and portfolio building. The programme aims to be informative and educational utilising debate and participative activities and also provides an excellent opportunity to meet and network with your peers. The programme is devised around the Health Education England Standards for Preceptorship (2016).

Preceptorship also involves work-based learning: you will be required to set and meet objectives to show that you have developed in your role over the year and can meet the requirements for your post. You will be allocated a Preceptor (Supervisor) in your workplace to assist with objective setting and to facilitate your learning experience. On completion of the programme you will have evidenced that all requirements have been met so that you can progress onto the next incremental point of the Band 5 pay scale.

Who is eligible for Preceptorship?

The Preceptorship Programme is offered to all newly-qualified nurses and allied health professionals undertaking their first role post-registration.  

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