Qualifications and Credit Framework

Qualification Credit Framework (QCF) Certificates and Diplomas (formerly NVQs)

What are Qualification Credit Framework (QCF) qualifications?

QCF qualifications are delivered in the workplace.

We offer the QCF diplomas at different levels. Units and qualifications are each given a level according to their difficulty, from level 1 to level 3. This allows learners to study at the right level with the right opportunity to progress accordingly.

What would I have to do?

The qualifications are made up of mandatory and optional units. 

You will have an assessor visit you within your work place every 6 – 8 weeks for a couple of hours or less throughout the duration of the qualification.

Learners must prove that they have the ability (competence) to carry out their job to the required standard. This will be done through the completion of a portfolio within which you can collate evidence to support and demonstrate your knowledge and working practice.

Qualifications can take 12 – 18 months to complete depending on the level (1, 2, or 3).

What QCF are available?

  • Business and Administration Levels 2 and 3
  • Customer Service Levels 2 and 3
  • Health & Social Care Levels 2 and 3
  • Hospitality Level 2
  • Management Level 3
  • Team Leading Level 2

Useful Links and Websites

www.accreditedqualifications.org.uk;   City and Guilds;   OCR;   Qualifications & Credit Framework

For further information about the Health and Social and Business and Administration courses please visit Bridgwater College at http://www.bridgwater.ac.uk/

If you would like further information about Customer Service and Hospitality please visit: www.yeovil.ac.uk/

If you would like more information about Business Administration, Team Leading and Management please visit: http://www.getoncourse.net/ or http://www.intraining.co.uk/


If you're interested in studying for a QCF qualification and work for Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, please discuss this with your line manager in the first instance. Please ask your manager to write an email to: kate.goldsworthy@sompar.nhs.uk outlining how the diploma is required for the development of your role and the needs of the service.