Return to Practice

Somerset Partnership works collegiately with University of West of England (UWE) to support people who wish to return to practice.

As a Trust we

  • Are looking to support someone through their return to practice who wishes to join our workforce.
  • Identify demand for education training places
  • Provide a placement
  • Ensure access to sign off mentor
  • Jointly recruit with UWE. This will entail an interview process with someone from the university, the placement manager and someone from the Practice Placement Team. The returnee will be asked to undertake a DBS check and have occupational health clearance.

The university will provide 3 cohorts for training per year and the returnee will need to attend one of these courses. The returnee is seen as a third year, final placement student, and as such will need to meet clinical competencies as well as the academic work set by the university.

The Trust will ensure the returnee is supported by a sign off mentor whilst on placement.  On re- gaining their registration and successful appointment to a staff nurse role, the Trust will support the returnee through a preceptorship programme.