Empowering you to be safe, happy and healthy at work

The Well@Work team provide support to all staff, promoting wellbeing and improving the working lives of our workforce. This innovative approach is designed to empower staff to manage their own health in the workplace; offering tailored support when necessary.

Work can have a positive impact on our health and wellbeing, healthy and well motivated employees can have an equally positive impact on patient care.

A range of support services are available that ensure you are equipped to maintain your health and wellbeing. Your Line Manager and HR Business Partner (HRBP) are on hand to offer guidance and additional support where necessary, however communicating your needs is the first step to maintaining a good work-life balance.

Our Well@Work strategy is based on the findings of the report published by Dr Steve Boorman in 2009. His independent ‘NHS Health & Wellbeing Review’ called for staff health and wellbeing to be embedded in the core business of NHS organisations. It illustrated that where NHS organisations prioritise staff health and wellbeing, performance is enhanced, patient care improves, staff retention is higher and sickness absence rates are lower.

There is a wealth of information outlining how NHS organisations are supporting staff health and wellbeing interventions on the NHS Employers website, in addition to some handy tools for line managers.